Contracting with the government requires many different registrations prior to doing work. See below.  It is important to be registered before disaster strikes. If you need any assistance with any of the websites, registrations, or applications, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for one-on-one assistance.

If you are located outside of the ten Northwest Parishes of Louisiana, we encourage you to visit the map at to find a PTAC office near you. 

See the below links to the two utility companies working SELA currently.



For Doing Business at the STATE LEVEL

When the Governor of Louisiana declares a disaster, the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) activates the Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center (LABEOC) for disaster response and recovery. One of the benefits of registering with LABEOC is that they will notify those registered companies of needs as they arise.

Register with LABEOC at:

The State of Louisiana posts all its open bids on the Louisiana Procurement and Contract Network (LaPAC) website and requires businesses register as a vendor.

Register as a vendor for the State of Louisiana with LaPAC at:  You may also view bids on this website as well.

For Doing Business at the FEDERAL LEVEL

If you are interested in doing work with FEMA and/or Army Corps of Engineers your company must have a Dun & Bradstreet Number with an active Systems for Award Management registration.  To locate your DUNS number, please visit

Register your business entity with the Systems for Award Management at weblink:   This is a requirement for doing business with any and all Federal agencies. All Federal solicitations will be posted to this website as well under the Contracting Opportunities listing.

SAM contains a Disaster Response Registry that lists those contractors who are able to provide debris removal, distribution of supplies, reconstruction, and other disaster or emergency relief supplies and/or services.

To add your company to the registry, you must be registered in SAM. During the registration process, you must indicate that you want to participate in the Disaster Response Registry and provide the required information, including which states you can cover, on the Disaster Response Information page.  Once your registration is active, you are added to the Disaster Response Registry and Contracting Officers will be able to locate your company through the Disaster Response Registry Search.

Federal Government agencies use the Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) database to search for vendors. The DSBS is reached through your SAM registration. It is located on the very last screen of your SAM registration, prior to the “submittal page”. When you reach the last screen, the system will ask if you would like to leave SAM and enter the SBA Supplemental Pages. Say “Yes” and register in DSBS. Make sure to optimize your profile by filling out your capabilities narrative as detailed as possible.


When the President declares a federal disaster, FEMA becomes active in disaster response and recovery.  FEMA Advance Contracts for goods and services are competed and awarded in advance of major disaster declarations to provide efficient, cost-effective means for rapid delivery of supplies and services for recurring disaster response and recovery requirements. Visit the following website to view FEMA pre-positioned contracts already in place. Solicitations are posted in SAM throughout the year.

Vendors MUST register with FEMA through their Industry Liaison Program (ILP).   Complete ILP Profile Form at:   Submit Completed ILP Profile Form to:

Debris Removal – Become a vendor for the US Army Corps of Engineers to be included in their Contractor Registry if you are interested in performing disaster response and recovery work; e.g. debris removal. Follow this link:

Transportation Services – If you are interested in becoming a FEMA Transportation Provider please visit this website:  . For general question about the Transportation Program please email: 

For more detailed information including links, please view the complete handout below.

Contact us at 318-677-2530 for more information.